Smart Moms. Strong Babies.  Cradle provides pregnant moms and expectant dads with peace of mind through on-demand access to our reproductive psychological specialists.  

We all know that pregnancy affects women physiologically.  After all, the hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy are unique and affect a wide array of body functions, from creating nausea during the first trimester to making the kidneys work overtime in the third trimester.


But did you also know that pregnancy affects the brain?  Because pregnancy affects the brain, women who are pregnant often experience feelings and emotions that are new. Scientists have always known that pregnant women’s brains become specialized to adapt to motherhood and respond to their babies’ needs.  Scientists are now wondering how these brain changes relate to mood changes both during pregnancy and postpartum.  


For example, even women with healthy pregnancies are often concerned about the outcome of the pregnancy.  Will the pregnancy miscarry?  Will my lab tests be normal?  Have I gained too much weight?  Have I gained enough weight?  What will it will feel like to hold my baby in my arms?  Will I be a good enough parent?  If you’re pregnant or have been pregnant, are these concerns familiar?  


Indeed, all of these concerns are normal in pregnancies.  Everyone shares them.  And yet, often women hold onto these anxieties and concerns and have no one to express them to.  Even obstetricians sometimes overlook pregnancy-related emotions.  So where do pregnant women go for help with these new emotions?


CRADLE is a new service that helps women more fully understand and navigate these pregnancy-related emotions.  To do this, we pair pregnant women with reproductive psychologists, and as we often can’t anticipate when emotions may arise, we work in real time and are available to you on-demand.  No need to wait.  We find that our on-demand approach best allows us to accomplish our goal of destressing your pregnancy so you can focus on what’s important: taking care of you so that you can best take care of your pregnancy.