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For over 35 years, as both a fertility psychologist and OB/GYN with a strong interest in fertility, I have loved helping people on their fertility journey. 

Are you on a fertility journey?  Have you experienced obstacles along the way?  Perhaps nothing is as disempowering as struggling with fertility.  For many of us, issues with fertility mark the first time that we have wanted our bodies to do something that they seem not capable of doing. Struggles with fertility are traumatic experiences. Maybe we feel removed from friends with children, siblings with children, parents who may not understand, or perhaps partners whose smiles we may want to see on our own children’s faces?

As you might imagine, these fertility struggles often invite other difficulties that we have experienced earlier in our lives to bubble up to the surface.  As a result, feelings of helplessness and hopelessness may compound.  We must deal with not only fertility struggles but also whispers of these past difficulties that have resurfaced.  Is it any wonder why we may be struggling?

Because I believe in the healing power of coming together to support each other in our common struggles, I offer both group and individual therapy for people on a fertility journey. And if you’re an intended parent or experiencing pregnancy after infertility, I have an idea of what you’re going through. Or perhaps you are in the “fourth trimester”? Or maybe experiencing life as a new parent?  If so, I am glad that you have chosen to reach out for support.  I’ve got you covered.

I whole-heartedly welcome you to consider either joining us for group therapy and/or partnering with me for individual therapy.  It would be an honor to be with you on your unique fertility journey.


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